“Save time, money and space by eliminating paper based forms and go digital.”


Throughout all areas of retail, whether clothing, electrical or wholesale, documents such as order forms, inventories, in-store compliance, health and safety and merchandise checks need to be created, completed and stored. Klipboard enables you to design bespoke forms and reports for the collection and storage of this data, eliminating the need for paper based forms which can easily be lost or damaged in the process.


Klipboard allows you to schedule and set recurring tasks, ensuring automation of daily, weekly, annual or specific recurring tasks, meaning they are never missed and forms are always completed when needed. Converting to a mobile app and cloud storage will not only give you more accurate information, it will increase productivity and remove bulky storage filling. Enable your employees to perform tasks and collect data more efficiently whilst on the move within your retail premises. Gain real time insight through an intuitive dashboard, have complete oversight of your team and more time to focus on providing your customer with the best service.

Read A Happy Customer Case Study

Thompson Retail have over 600 stores throughout the UK and were looking for a system to help them return store visit report back store managers and head office with ease and in real time for immediate analysis. Find out how Klipboard assisted TUI quickly and efficiently in order to help their area managers complete reports speedily and with ease.

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Klipboard can help deliver benefits to your industry:

  • Manage all your information through our intuitive CRM, Document Management and Notes features
  • Use our Workflow Generator to create any type of mobile workflow form or report such as order forms, inventories, in-store compliance, health and safety and merchandise checks for completion by the mobile app user
  • Our PDF Designer allows you to design the output of your final forms or reports as you wish and make sure they are directly in line with your company brand
  • Eliminate the risk of forms being lost, damaged or destroyed by utilising our secure cloud storage and comprehensive management features on our web admin dashboard
  • Users can work offline, be re-assigned or removed from a task to ensure ease of management along with stringent security and protection of data

Great Features, Expertly Organised

With Klipboard you get plenty of features presented in a user friendly interface so as not to overwhelm you. Our range of features will bring many benefits to your organisation and employees, as well as your customers.

Create and Schedule Tasks

Client CRM, Notes & Documents

Location Maps & Routing

Workflow Forms & PDF Designer

Invoicing & Quoting

Offline Access

Task Dashboard & Progress Status

Signature & Image Capture

Send Notifications

Security & User Roles