How safe are your risk assessments?

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  • Leaving something as important as employee health and safety documentation to paper-based methods puts your company at risk and leaves you open to liability, should the worst happen.

    • The annual cost of workplace injuries in the UK was estimated at around £5.6 billion in 2019 (source:
    • There were over 65,000 non-fatal injuries in 2019/20 (source: RIDDOR)
    • 38.8 million working days were lost due to ill health and non-fatal injuries in the UK 2019/20 (Source:

    Here’s some changes you could make to avoid mistakes with your safety reports:

    Mistakes on your forms

    Incorrect completion of your risk assessment forms can be a major headache for any field service business. If you’re not using a system with field validation you encourage the risk of missing out on information that could prove to be vital at a later date.

    Inconsistent gathering of details

    Standardising how you collect assessments will help with the recording of information and your data entry. By keeping a consistent way of gathering reports you’ll ensure that your team finds it easier to complete your risk assessments.

    If you operate across multiple locations this can be particularly tricky. Using Klipboard will ensure your forms are updated automatically and everyone is following the same patterns.

    One size fits all – isn’t fit for purpose

    When you first create your risk assessments, using templates is a good way to ensure you’ve got the important things covered. Unfortunately, that’s often not enough, each location has it’s own unique risks to consider. If you operate in client locations that have their own stipulated assessments and considerations, then cookie-cutter won’t cut it.

    Using Klipboard will mean you can create bespoke fields in your reports. Your team can create these in the office and instantly roll these out to your team in the field.

    If you’re keen to know how quickly you can create your own forms, check out this short feature on our form builder: Klipboard Mobile Form Builder


    Ensure your forms include specific regulatory information

    No matter what industry you operate in, many have their own unique sets of regulations and guidance.

    If you use a system like Klipboard you can add more than just general health and safety risk assessment information to your Klipboard forms. Regulations such as the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 can be added to your processes.

    Keep all your forms and reports updated

    Updating all your forms across your teams and locations is very challenging if you use a paper-based system.

    Subscribers to Klipboard can even make these changes themselves at no additional cost. 

    Klipboard is cloud-based, this means when your team in the office or in the field wants to make a change to your risk assessment and health and safety forms, then that change is rolled out instantly.

    Learn from past mistakes

    One of the benefits of using an online system is how easy it is to create a record of events. Being able to review all your risk assessments allows you to learn from mistakes in the past and suggest changes. 

    Without access to historical information, you’re blind to the patterns and trends of the past.

    How Covid-19 has changed your risk assessments

    The importance of employee health and safety has been highlighted by COVID-19. Where and how people work has been put under the spotlight. Being able to make changes to your health and safety assessments quickly is more important than it’s ever been. 

    Klipboard is a platform that will allow you to quickly make changes and roll out new assessments as soon as you need them.

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