How Maintenance Job Software helps you go Eco Friendly

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  • Whether you’re looking to make fewer trips to the gas station or you want to use less paper, Maintenance job Software helps you achieve your eco friendly targets.


    The benefits of having a more Eco-Friendly Field Service Businesses

    The impact a business has on the environment is becoming a key issue. Apart from the negative reputation and PR implications of being wasteful with resources and harmful to the environment, there’s some serious impacts when it comes to a businesses’ bottom line.


    Use less fuel

    The rising cost of energy and fuel has been a key topic in 2022. Conflict between Russia and Ukraine put a serious pressure on gas and oil prices resulting in the highest rise in petrol and diesel prices we’ve seen in a long time.

    The implications this has for Field Service and Maintenance businesses is significant. Any wasted journey or repeated visit has become more expensive.

    Maintenance Job Software provides route mapping to ensure the most cost effective route is taken to each job and more visibility over team member location and availability means more jobs can get completed, maximizing the capacity of your team.


    Longer Asset Life Cycles

    Your customers make significant investments into their assets. Whether you’re working in the HVAC service and repair industry, the Medical Device Maintenance business or even Pool and Spa cleaning services, the return on investment for equipment is a key concern for your customers.

    Regular maintenance and servicing extends the lifecycle assets. A planned preventive maintenance schedule ensures potential breakdowns or faults are spotted early and fixed before they potentially damage the equipment.

    Maintenance Job Software allows servicing businesses to easily set up PPM schedules, view upcoming service dates and share more useful information with their field teams to ensure the life cycle of an asset is as long as possible.


    Go Paper Free

    If you’re running a service business and you’re still using paper forms, it’s really time to wake up and join the 21st century. Apart from the wasted time you spend typing up notes, recovering lost paperwork or notes and the delays in raising invoices it’s wasteful and unnecessary.

    The easiest step you can take towards going green with your maintenance business is replacing tatty, messy paperwork with Digital Mobile Forms. These forms help your team gather details of a job or complete inspection reports on their smartphone. When the job is complete the customer signs off the work straight from the device and it syncs with the office. No paper, no mistakes, no delays.


    Gain a competitive advantage

    Only 11% of businesses measure their carbon footprint or even consider it in their business plan. As NetZero becomes a more significant influence on which businesses can tender for work or attract investment, those who consider their impact on the environment will already be ahead of the game.


    Electric Car Charging Station


    What does Net Zero mean?

    Environmentally aware businesses are making a commitment to cut greenhouse emissions to as close to zero as possible by ensuring their business does not create excess carbon emissions and they put procedures in place to offset what they do produce. They are doing this by:


    • Improving the efficiency of the equipment they operate
    • Ensure the buildings they use are more energy efficient
    • Switching to more eco-friendly energy sources
    • The use of electric vehicles


    This is a global effort and with more and more nations agreeing to net-zero pledges including China, USA and the European Union it’s expected to play a significant role in the business sector too.


    Maintenance Job Software


    How Maintenance Job Software helps you go Eco Friendly

    Field Service businesses are looking to go green for a number of reasons but reducing costs and the impact their business has on the environment are the two key motivators.

    Maintenance Job Software helps businesses like yours to complete more jobs, reduce wasted hours on admin and create better experiences for your customers. However, one of the big benefits that is likely to become even more important in the coming years is how Maintenance Job Software helps reduce the impact your business has on the environment.

    There are three features in particular that many Maintenance Job Software providers offer that help your business go green.


    Mobile Digital Forms

    Take your existing paperwork and digitize it.

    You can move all your forms, inspection reports and service logs onto your smartphone with Maintenance Job Software. This puts everything your field team needs at their finger tips while reducing the amount of paper your business uses.

    You can find out more on Mobile Digital Forms here:


    Asset Management Tools

    Planned Preventive Maintenance is the best way to ensure the long lifecycle of an asset. A more environmentally aware future means not continuously replacing equipment and treating all machinery as disposable.

    Asset Management Tools found in Maintenance Job Software helps Field Service businesses ensure a service is never missed and breakdowns are avoided by spotting potential issues earlier.

    You can find out more on Asset Management Tools here:


    Efficient Job Routing

    Take the shortest, most efficient route possible to each job with intelligent routing. Rising fuel costs are making each journey more costly so cost sensitive business owners are looking to find ways of reducing the trips to the pumps.

    Maintenance Job Software includes smart job routing, using Google or Apple map technology. You can be sure your field team member has the best route at their fingertips for each job.

    Find out more on Efficient Job Routing here:


    Looking to go green?

    If you’re looking to find cost savings in your business and reduce the impact it has on the environment why not request a Demo of Klipboard by clicking here: Book a Demo

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