5 ways Field Service Software supports top-notch Customer Service

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  • Top-notch customer service is about understanding your client’s needs and meeting their expectations.

    Klipboard is designed to enable you to meet the changing demands of the modern client and exceed those expectations.

    Here’s 5 ways Field Service Software supports top-notch Customer Service for your clients by using Klipboard:


    1. Give an ‘Uber like’ experience

    When you consider your client isn’t just a building manager or a business owner they are a person just like you, it will change your perception of what they expect from a service.

    Most people shop online, a lot of people order food on an app and a very large amount of the UK stream TV shows and movies through services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

    They expect instant gratification, that could be their show immediately streaming on their TV, or an immediately confirmation to say their taxi has been booked. Those same expectations remain with the services and suppliers they work with in their job as well as their free time. 



    col2 2


    Top-notch customer service to your clients means instant confirmation and regular updates, just like Uber, they will know when their service engineer is on the way and who they expect to meet. Learn more.


    2. Build confidence with professional reports

    Successful businesses know what it takes to perform at a good level and they consistently achieve this by standardising the work they do every week.

    Klipboard helps bridge the gap between medium sized businesses and the brands that stand out in in your industry. 

    It’s far easier to offer top-notch customer service when you can produce impressive looking reports and send them directly to your client.

    Our easy to use report builder features:

    • A Drag & Drop function for ease of use
    • The ability to build reports as simple or as complex as you need
    • It pulls info directly from your jobs on Klipboard into the report
    • You can schedule reports automating your communications


    Exporting your quotes


    When you can create a branded report, containing all the details you client needs and is easy to edit incase they need additional information, it puts you ahead of the pack. Learn more.

    3. Use Job Management software to encourage consistency

    You expect your team to perform at a high level every time and so does your client. 

    The challenge is ensuring your team is consistent time after time. On top of meeting your client’s expectations your team is also expected to find creative solutions to problems and ensure that what needs to get done happens.

    Making sure the right checks are made and information is correctly collected will be a great start and workflows from Klipboard help to ensure this happens every time. Our workflow builder is easy to use and makes inspections and reports much easier to create.



    mobile workflow forms 1


    Relying on your team to remember to tick every box is a gamble you can’t afford to take with your reputation. Learn more.

    4. Going green makes you more appealing

    A lot of businesses are committed to achieving Net Zero. A bold and ambitious target of ensuring their business and the businesses they work with are doing what they can to be environmentally friendly. 

    Going Paperless by using Job Management Software is a great way of reaching that target and makes you an attractive business partner for those who care about the impact their business has on the environment. 

    Klipboard digitises data collection in the field meaning you’re less likely to lose paper works, perform data re-entry when you’re back in the office and all the information is stored on one system, making quoting, invoicing and reporting super simple.


    Charge Point Maintenance


    If you would like to more about what Net Zero is and why it’s an important target to aim for you can find out more here.

    5. Encourage your clients to book jobs through their Client Portal Link

    Klipboard has created a place where your clients can see all the jobs you have with them. It includes details of the finances for those jobs such as quotes for new work and invoices that need payment.

    You’ll have a shareable link which you can use to invite clients to see this information and act on it, either accepting quotes, paying invoices or even seeing when your team is next available so they can book future work with you.



    Client Portal


    Using Klipboard’s Client Portal benefits both you and your client. There’s far less back and forth with emails, your client has complete clarity of the jobs you have with them and can even lead to more work as they can book further jobs with you – it’s the definition of a win/win. Learn more.

    Summary: 5 ways Field Service Software supports top-notch Customer Service

    Keeping your clients happy is a challenge, there’s plenty of opportunities for your service to fall below what they expect despite your best efforts. 

    Klipboard will not only increase the frequency of positive experiences your clients have with you, but ensure top-notch customer service helps build long lasting partnerships.

    • Meet the modern expectations of good service
    • Deliver professional branded reports
    • Give your team the tools to constantly deliver a great service
    • Go paperless and more environmentally friendly
    • Encourage more work from your clients

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