5 things to do before starting a Job Management Software Free Trial

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  • Before you get started with a free trial for Job Management Software, there’s a few things you should know ahead of time. This insight will help you get the most out of the software and ensure you grow your business.


    What is Job Management Software?


    Job Management Software is designed to improve how effective a field service business can operate by streamlining processes and gives more visibility of projects and jobs.


    Features commonly found in Job Management Software include; drag and drop job scheduling, job sheet or work order distribution, asset management Tools and field service finance functions. However, the features offered vary by software provider and some only cater for specific industries.


    You can read more about how Job Management Software can help your business by clicking here.


    Not every Field Service business will be familiar with Job Management Software, in fact when we surveyed over 100 field service businesses we found out that 56% of them didn’t use any Job Management Software.


    For the 44% that did use Job Management Software they said that “Ease of use” was the key reason they chose to work with the software provider they picked.



    Job Management Software



    Most Field Service companies recognise they need to use software that’s easy to use and also works for their industry.


    Klipboard has been built from the ground up to be simple and easy to use, but powerful and feature rich enough to work no matter how demanding the industry or use case.


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    5 things to do before starting a Job Management Software Free Trial


    If you’re considering starting a trial with a new Job Management Software, you’re probably keen just to get started straight away.


    However, before you dive right in, here’s five things you should consider before you begin. This is so you can hit the ground running and your team will adjust to using the new software much faster.


    1. Set out your goals

    Be clear on what you want to achieve. For many Field Service businesses they are acutely aware of a weakness in their operation.


    They have identified a time drain or where mistakes are being made and they have acknowledged it’s holding them back from growing their business.


    When we asked 100 Field Service businesses what their biggest challenges are for 2021 this is how they voted:


    Job Management Software

    It’s clear that finding new business is the stand out concern for Field Service businesses and many are turning to Job Management Software to introduce efficiencies.


    Ensuring their teams aren’t tied down with administration, they are able to focus on growing their current client accounts or win new customers.


    Taking some time to consider what you’re trying to achieve will help you decide what sort of features you need from your Job Management Software provider.



    2. Identify features in the software that match your objectives


    Once you’ve established what you hope to achieve you’ll have a better idea of the features you need to reach that goal.


    If you’re looking for a better way of quickly allocating available team members to a job then you’ll need to look for real-time scheduling.


    If you’re running a lean team and you don’t have the resources to email or communicate with all your customers look for a provider that offers automated client communications.


    Your feature requirements will likely be dependent on the industry you service, consider what are your client’s expectations and concerns. Look for features in your Job Management software that addresses these requirements.


    3. Not every Field Service Job Management Software provider offers a free trial

    You know what features you need to reach your goal and now you’ve found a few providers.


    It might surprise you to discover that not all Field Service Job Management Software providers offer a free trial. Many will ask you to do a demo call with them before committing to a long term contract before you try it out for yourself.


    This should be a red flag. We love to demo our software and are happy to show you around, but we let you loose on it immediately with a free trial, no credit card required and no long term contract. Learn more.



    That way, you dont have to take our word for it, you can see for yourself how Klipboard can help your business, instead of trusting the welfare of your business to a well practiced sales pitch.


    We appreciate that making sure your team hits the ground running is important, so we’ve put a lot of attention towards our onboarding process. Our software is designed from the start to be easy to use but also offer a helping hand if required.



    4. Pick your stakeholders and tester carefully

    It’s tempting to choose a couple of people in your business who are more technically savvy to try out the Job Management Software and let you know if they believe it will work for your business.


    Those tech wizards will no doubt find their way around the software quickly and report back their findings. However, we would advise against that, it’s just as important that engineers, technicians, back office personnel and everyone else who might not be so technically literate, can easily use the software.


    The people in your business who will use the software every day are the perfect people to try it out. Pick a handful of people, try and cover a few areas of your business from finance, operation, field services and management.


    5. Get as much out of your trial as possible

    Start from day one using the Job Management Software trial as it’s a crucial part of your operation. By doing this you’ll truly understand how it can benefit your business.


    If you’re not sure how to use a feature or you get stuck, ask for help. This will give you some insight into how that software provider supports you when you are a full paying customer.


    We’ve seen so many customers at Klipboard embrace their free trial people and really benefit from  it. When the trial ends they seamlessly become a customer of ours and they operate a more efficient and effective business.


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    Summary: 5 things to do before you start a Job Management Software Free Trial


    Understand your goals from the beginning and align the software and the features they offer with that goal.


    Once you’ve found a provider, start a free trial but resist the urge to test it out with the more tech savvy members of your team. Offer it to people who will use it every day but aren’t the most tech literate.


    Get the most out of your Free trial by using it. Upload all your jobs, enter your client details and start scheduling jobs immediately, you’ll quickly realise the value excellent Job Management Software can offer a field service business.


    Try Klipboard out for Free

    See for yourself how Klipboard can help you can bring the ‘Wow factor’ to your customers and start to grow your business.


    Start a free trial today. Learn more.

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